Promoting Math Skills at Home

Tips to support your child’s math development and classroom curriculum at St. Mary Magdalen School

Tips to Support  a Primary Student

  • Have your child show you patterns they find or ask them to create their own .
  • Give your child coins to practice counting money.
  • Have your child help you cook and measure ingredients.
  • Play counting games in the car, “how many red cars can you count until we get home?”
  • Count the steps you take together by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.
  • Ask your child to identify if a number or an amount of objects is more or less.
  • Have your child count items out one by one.

Tips to Support an  Intermediate Student

  • Have a positive attitude about math.
  • Ask your child what they are learning about in math class.
  • Do logic puzzles and Sudokus with your child.
  • Discuss ways you use math in everyday life.
  • Know your child’s classroom homework policies.
  • Math facts only become permanent with practice.
  • Talk about fractions when eating dinner, “half of our pizza is four pieces, how many would make it a whole.”

Tips for Problem Solving

  • Draw a picture
  • Trial and error
  • Work backwards
  • Make a chart
  • Look for key words:
Addition      +

sum      Plus

and       more



Subtraction     –



take away


Multiplication   X

of           times

product  double

triple  every

increased by

multiplied by


Division     ÷

Each group

half         parts

equal sharing

quotient of



Math in the World Around Us

  • Involve your child in adding events to the calendar or use a chore calendar in the home.
  • Draw attention to time and different clocks. Digital clocks are best to begin to read time, analog clocks are good for telling elapsed time.
  • Estimate the total price when going to the grocery store or out to dinner.
  • Play board games, card games and puzzles.

Useful Websites and Apps

Splash Math


Math Puppy

Telling Time Free


Sushi Monster

Arithmetic Invaders